Small Businesses Reopening Series 2020

Since the recent events with the virus, we’ve heard about small businesses such as hair salons in Missouri exposing clients to COVID-19. This caught our attention and we decided to cover some of the local small businesses that are starting to reopen, and what that means for you.

This series we plan to launch on our blog will cover updates as small businesses across the nation start to reopen. To start the series, we want to cover the topic of hair salons, and then follow with more detailed local salons in future posts. Additionally, other types of businesses will be covered as they begin to reopen.

Hair Salons

Hair Salons are places where people get their hair cut and styled. Salons are also places where they get hair done for special occasions and other trimmings.

Most hair salons are stylish, clean, well planned, organized and comfortable. In fact, I just got back from STL and what I consider to be the best hair salon in St. Louis is now open and operating — which is a relief. (You can only go so long without a cut! 🙂 )

In salons, you’ll find branded hair products, accessories, and more. Cheap hair products and/or services are available for the masses. Not every woman wants to buy expensive hair products, though.

Advantages of Hair Products from Salons

Hair products are a way to protect and beautify the beautiful hair. Without the products, hair would soon fade. There are hair products which protect the hair from the harmful sun rays and more. There is preparedness in the hair to absorb abundance of sweat on the head and neck which provides proper nourishment and nutrition to the hair. Using hair products also helps in preventing hair from drying-up. The hair also gets an added wealth of nutrients from the hair products.

Using of the hair products makes the hair look more healthy and more beautiful. Hair products whether it is a hair dye, hair shine, curler, anti-frizz hair spray or anything else depends upon proper mixing of the ingredients. You should follow the instructions thoroughly before using any hair product and also ask for a recommendation before buying any hair product!

Local barbershops and hair salons in Kansas City will be next up in this series!

CBD Oil Massage in KC is the New Trend

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By now, you’ve likely heard about the rising trend of CBD Oil as it’s a trend that has revitalized the cannabis-related market across the United States. You’ve probably seen a variety of CBD Stores pop-up across the Metro — such as this CBD Store (located in Waldo) — though, did you know that spin-off services utilizing CBD Oil are starting to become popular, too?

CBD Oil Massages

It all started overhearing a conversation while having dinner and drinks one afternoon. As you know, at The Freight House we often hear about the trends that are arising the KC Metro area, and this one especially caught our attention.

CBD Oil massages are a trend that is a bit more of an underground secret — it hasn’t become mainstream, yet– but you can expect it to catch-on fast!

One of our patrons is partial to getting a CBD massage at one of the local spas in Kansas City, though we’ve heard that there are other spas (and CBD Oil Stores!) are starting to offer this unique treatment.

With the CBD Oil Massage, it is much like you’d experience a normal full body massage, though, during your massage, the therapist will apply a topical CBD oil cream. With the application of the cream on your body, you experience almost instant relief from pain wherever the CBD lotion is applied.

It’s a sensation like no other– seriously! When I went in for a CBD massage, I was having some lingering pain in my lower back area. Believe me, I tried everything to reduce the pain, though, it seemed like the back pain continued even after stretching.

By getting CBD oil (topical cream) applied on my pain area, it felt like a cooling-sensation initially, though, within a minute (or so), you could feel the pain almost melting away. It was an unique experience.

Of course, while the CBD oil is applied, the massage therapist was rubbing in the CBD cream (which felt nice), but it was very surprising to see how quickly the application really seemed to work– even for a skeptic like myself! 🙂

CBD Oil Trend

A year ago, many local residents would’ve likely called the use of CBD another “fad”, but we really believe that the trend for CBD Oil is here to stay. The data doesn’t lie.

All across the US, people are starting to search for local CBD massage providers, with States that have legalized marijuana being the most popular. As you know, recently the State of Missouri passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, so we’d expect even more popularity for CBD massages in the near future.

Preparing for a CBD Massage

To prepare for your first CBD Oil Massage is really no different than preparing for a regular massage. You will want to go in showered, and know which parts of your body need more attention. If you have specific aches or pains in your body, then just ask the massage therapist to apply CBD oil to those particular places. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Have you came across some interesting trends in the KC Area and want to share them with our editorial team? If so, contact us today!

Best Family-Owned Restaurants in Kansas City

We all love a good family run restaurant. Going into one can feel like sharing a meal at someone’s home: warm and welcoming. You can be sure a family-owned restaurant will be careful in choosing its ingredients, and committed to buying locally and giving back to their community.

When we think of Kansas City, MO we thick of stick fingers and lip-licking goodness of Barbecue Ribs; Friend Chicken; Burnt Ends, or Kansas City’s own Strip Steak. There’s a lot more to it, though, and once you find yourself here, you’ll want to know exactly where to go to satisfy different cravings.

Made (More) Famous By TV – Jones Bar-B-Q –

In keeping with tradition, one of the Kansas City’s best and, as of recently, most famous family-owned places is a Barbecue Restaurant. Jones Bar-B-Q was featured in Queer Eye’s third season, where the two sisters who run it, Deborah and Mary Jones, got a personal makeover, while their business, started by their father, Leavy B. Jones. Sr., got one too. At the Jones’s you should definitely try the homemade sausage, and the ribs with their Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce. No regrets guaranteed!

Take the Fritz Train – Fritzs –

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant was started by Fritz Kripf and his wife Virginia in 1954. The Railroad part comes from a patented invention of Fritz’s that helped serve guests in the two, at the time, understaffed locations. Quickly, it evolved into a full railroad theme, with engineer hats for children, and train memorabilia, as the Skat Kat, the name of the invention, worked similarly to a train. Fritz’s is now owned by his son and keeps on serving their famous, choice-cut burgers. A great spectacle for kids!

Italian With a Twist – Garozzo’s Ristorante –

Garozzo’s Ristorante is an Italian place that serves traditional dishes as well as local, Kansas City spins on meals from the old country. Michael Garozzo founded the restaurant in 1989, and to this day stays true to the motto of having its two locations feel as though you’ve walked into his home. Their Chicken Spiedini is now iconic to the city and must have whenever you visit.

Breakfast At Kate’s –

Kate’s Kitchen is named after Dave and Kelly Hendrix’s daughter, Kate. Their mission statement is to fill your day with happiness every time you eat there, the way she does for them. Kate’s Kitchen serves some of the best breakfasts you’ll ever had, not just here but in your life, and the staff is helpful, friendly, and make your meals from scratch every day. Shout out to their omelets and pancakes.

One For the Vegans – Café Gratitude –

It can be daunting being a Vegan in a place like Kansas City. That’s where Café Gratitude comes in. A sustainable and 100% organic restaurant. Café Gratitude is also interested in community and local support, offering workshops and classes to anyone interested.


KC offers a wide range of family owned restaurants that give back to the community and the environment. You can choose depending on the kind of food you’re looking for, how much time you have, or just have a meal at every one, if you’re feeling adventurous! What other Kansas City family restaurants can you not live without, we want to know.

Spring is in the Air in Kansas City

The Spring Time is always a wonderful time for relaxing and enjoying nice, sunny days in the KC Area. We’ve been fortunate to start seeing the leaf buds blooming, and the daffodils starting to pop-up. This is really going to be a great year!

Over here at the freighthouse, we’ve been collecting the most outrageous reasons why you need to move away from your screen (whether it’s a computer or mobile device) and get out and enjoy the city.

Dog Ate Your Leftovers

When your dog sprints towards the table, it’s a crap shoot as to whether your food will remain. If your dog ate your leftovers– it’s time to dine-out. At the KC Freighthouse Location, you can enjoy a tasty meal at any of our partnering restaurants and you’ll always leave happy.

Animals Are Coming!

Besides the family pet dog concern, you have to consider other potential threats– after all, it is mating season!

Tis the season where the animals are coming out of hibernation and might have you running for cover. Personally, I love being among Mother Nature, but I have heard an interesting story recently while at the Freighthouse…

The gentleman is the owner of a local pest control company in Kansas City, and he had some interesting stories to tell– woodpeckers are attacking homes in certain parts of our City!

When other animals– whether it be woodpeckers, honeybees, or The Birds come for you, you can always get out and enjoy safer areas in the City. In fact– hey, we had to– you could even come down to the Freighthouse. You’re always welcome here!

Overcoming Cabin Fever

Let’s face it– this Winter was wild. It seemed like every weekend we were expecting snow or ice. When it wasn’t below 0 in temperature, it was still very cold. In fact, it was too cold to do anything besides stay inside. Now, you can break away from the first part of the cold year, and venture outside in KC!

There are a lot of events happening in Kansas City all the time, and of course you know you can always come over, if you want! Seriously though, the Kansas City Area is a wonderful place to be in the Springtime. We look forward to seeing you out-and-about in the City!

What is Proper Restaurant Etiquette?

Proper restaurant etiquette refers to the ability to show good manners or following the outlined code of rules in a restaurant. The fact that you have reserved a space in a restaurant does not guarantee misconduct while within its premises. Everyone in the restaurant should avoid any action which can annoy others. Proper restaurant etiquette should be adhered to by both the customers and the stakeholders in order to maintain and uphold the standards of the restaurant. These guidelines will help one understand what Proper restaurant etiquette is and is not.

Be Organized

All people are requested to settle and be organized so that Proper restaurant etiquette naturally exposes itself. There should not a lot of struggle to ensure that you have shown the best behavior ever, just be calm and organized. This applies to the owners of the restaurant, the workers, and the customers. The waiters need to be well organized because they directly interact with the customers. The whole serving process should be keenly observed to ensure that no problem occurs. For example, when dining at a posh rooftop restaurant Kansas City it would be impolite to start raising your hand and waving at the waiter. Give the waiter time to get your party settled and they’ll come over to you to ask for your drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert. Getting them out of their normal rhythm may result in them serving wrong food or drink to a customer, not arranging the utensils properly in the serving dish, or even not serving enough utensils to others. The customers need to take care of their behavior in the whole dining process so as to avoid annoying others.

Do Your Part

Everyone in the restaurant has a specific reason for being there. Doing your part only and leaving the rest for others shows Proper restaurant etiquette. The customers have a right to make requests to the waiters, just not getting whatever they need by themselves. For instance, if you’re dining at an upscale brazilian restaurant Kansas City and you need your drink refilled, it is highly encouraged to make the request via the waiter and not going to the counter yourself. The waiters need to do their work as required to ensure that the services are appealing to the customers. The waiters should also observe their dress code to ensure that they are easily identified.

Learn to Communicate

Proper communication is very crucial in any business setup which aims at achieving high levels of restaurant etiquette. Everyone should be in a position to learn the restaurant language to ensure effective communication. This helps to curb the problem of language barrier within the restaurant. If you happen to dine at our recommended greek restaurant Kansas City use etiquette words such as sorry or please when inquiring for clarification or when making an order. Poor communication between the customers and the restaurant workers leads to low levels of etiquette which chases some customers away. Again, there should be a chance for communication which should be properly followed to avoid conflicts.


To summarize, proper restaurant etiquette is the breadwinner of the restaurant business sector. All the stakeholders of the restaurant should be devoted to maintaining high standards of etiquette to ensure that others live in harmony. The managers should ensure that everyone who enters the restaurant practices high levels of etiquette to acquire more loyal customers. If a problem occurs which kills the restaurant etiquette, the manager should come up with a way of correcting it before things turn too bad and can’t be reversed.

Do you have other suggestions for proper etiquette? Please tell us about it and enjoy your next restaurant dining experience.