We all love a good family run restaurant. Going into one can feel like sharing a meal at someone’s home: warm and welcoming. You can be sure a family-owned restaurant will be careful in choosing its ingredients, and committed to buying locally and giving back to their community.

When we think of Kansas City, MO we thick of stick fingers and lip-licking goodness of Barbecue Ribs; Friend Chicken; Burnt Ends, or Kansas City’s own Strip Steak. There’s a lot more to it, though, and once you find yourself here, you’ll want to know exactly where to go to satisfy different cravings.

Made (More) Famous By TV – Jones Bar-B-Q – https://www.jonesbbqkc.com

In keeping with tradition, one of the Kansas City’s best and, as of recently, most famous family-owned places is a Barbecue Restaurant. Jones Bar-B-Q was featured in Queer Eye’s third season, where the two sisters who run it, Deborah and Mary Jones, got a personal makeover, while their business, started by their father, Leavy B. Jones. Sr., got one too. At the Jones’s you should definitely try the homemade sausage, and the ribs with their Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce. No regrets guaranteed!

Take the Fritz Train – Fritzs – http://fritzskc.com

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant was started by Fritz Kripf and his wife Virginia in 1954. The Railroad part comes from a patented invention of Fritz’s that helped serve guests in the two, at the time, understaffed locations. Quickly, it evolved into a full railroad theme, with engineer hats for children, and train memorabilia, as the Skat Kat, the name of the invention, worked similarly to a train. Fritz’s is now owned by his son and keeps on serving their famous, choice-cut burgers. A great spectacle for kids!

Italian With a Twist – Garozzo’s Ristorante – https://garozzos.com

Garozzo’s Ristorante is an Italian place that serves traditional dishes as well as local, Kansas City spins on meals from the old country. Michael Garozzo founded the restaurant in 1989, and to this day stays true to the motto of having its two locations feel as though you’ve walked into his home. Their Chicken Spiedini is now iconic to the city and must have whenever you visit.

Breakfast At Kate’s –http://www.kateskitchenkc.com)

Kate’s Kitchen is named after Dave and Kelly Hendrix’s daughter, Kate. Their mission statement is to fill your day with happiness every time you eat there, the way she does for them. Kate’s Kitchen serves some of the best breakfasts you’ll ever had, not just here but in your life, and the staff is helpful, friendly, and make your meals from scratch every day. Shout out to their omelets and pancakes.

One For the Vegans – Café Gratitude – https://cafegratitudekc.com)

It can be daunting being a Vegan in a place like Kansas City. That’s where Café Gratitude comes in. A sustainable and 100% organic restaurant. Café Gratitude is also interested in community and local support, offering workshops and classes to anyone interested.


KC offers a wide range of family owned restaurants that give back to the community and the environment. You can choose depending on the kind of food you’re looking for, how much time you have, or just have a meal at every one, if you’re feeling adventurous! What other Kansas City family restaurants can you not live without, we want to know.