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By now, you’ve likely heard about the rising trend of CBD Oil as it’s a trend that has revitalized the cannabis-related market across the United States. You’ve probably seen a variety of CBD Stores pop-up across the Metro — such as this CBD Store (located in Waldo) — though, did you know that spin-off services utilizing CBD Oil are starting to become popular, too?

CBD Oil Massages

It all started overhearing a conversation while having dinner and drinks one afternoon. As you know, at The Freight House we often hear about the trends that are arising the KC Metro area, and this one especially caught our attention.

CBD Oil massages are a trend that is a bit more of an underground secret — it hasn’t become mainstream, yet– but you can expect it to catch-on fast!

One of our patrons is partial to getting a CBD massage at one of the local spas in Kansas City, though we’ve heard that there are other spas (and CBD Oil Stores!) are starting to offer this unique treatment.

With the CBD Oil Massage, it is much like you’d experience a normal full body massage, though, during your massage, the therapist will apply a topical CBD oil cream. With the application of the cream on your body, you experience almost instant relief from pain wherever the CBD lotion is applied.

It’s a sensation like no other– seriously! When I went in for a CBD massage, I was having some lingering pain in my lower back area. Believe me, I tried everything to reduce the pain, though, it seemed like the back pain continued even after stretching.

By getting CBD oil (topical cream) applied on my pain area, it felt like a cooling-sensation initially, though, within a minute (or so), you could feel the pain almost melting away. It was an unique experience.

Of course, while the CBD oil is applied, the massage therapist was rubbing in the CBD cream (which felt nice), but it was very surprising to see how quickly the application really seemed to work– even for a skeptic like myself! 🙂

CBD Oil Trend

A year ago, many local residents would’ve likely called the use of CBD another “fad”, but we really believe that the trend for CBD Oil is here to stay. The data doesn’t lie.

All across the US, people are starting to search for local CBD massage providers, with States that have legalized marijuana being the most popular. As you know, recently the State of Missouri passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, so we’d expect even more popularity for CBD massages in the near future.

Preparing for a CBD Massage

To prepare for your first CBD Oil Massage is really no different than preparing for a regular massage. You will want to go in showered, and know which parts of your body need more attention. If you have specific aches or pains in your body, then just ask the massage therapist to apply CBD oil to those particular places. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

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