Since the recent events with the virus, we’ve heard about small businesses such as hair salons in Missouri exposing clients to COVID-19. This caught our attention and we decided to cover some of the local small businesses that are starting to reopen, and what that means for you.

This series we plan to launch on our blog will cover updates as small businesses across the nation start to reopen. To start the series, we want to cover the topic of hair salons, and then follow with more detailed local salons in future posts. Additionally, other types of businesses will be covered as they begin to reopen.

Hair Salons

Hair Salons are places where people get their hair cut and styled. Salons are also places where they get hair done for special occasions and other trimmings.

Most hair salons are stylish, clean, well planned, organized and comfortable. In fact, I just got back from STL and what I consider to be the best hair salon in St. Louis is now open and operating — which is a relief. (You can only go so long without a cut! 🙂 )

In salons, you’ll find branded hair products, accessories, and more. Cheap hair products and/or services are available for the masses. Not every woman wants to buy expensive hair products, though.

Advantages of Hair Products from Salons

Hair products are a way to protect and beautify the beautiful hair. Without the products, hair would soon fade. There are hair products which protect the hair from the harmful sun rays and more. There is preparedness in the hair to absorb abundance of sweat on the head and neck which provides proper nourishment and nutrition to the hair. Using hair products also helps in preventing hair from drying-up. The hair also gets an added wealth of nutrients from the hair products.

Using of the hair products makes the hair look more healthy and more beautiful. Hair products whether it is a hair dye, hair shine, curler, anti-frizz hair spray or anything else depends upon proper mixing of the ingredients. You should follow the instructions thoroughly before using any hair product and also ask for a recommendation before buying any hair product!

Local barbershops and hair salons in Kansas City will be next up in this series!