The Spring Time is always a wonderful time for relaxing and enjoying nice, sunny days in the KC Area. We’ve been fortunate to start seeing the leaf buds blooming, and the daffodils starting to pop-up. This is really going to be a great year!

Over here at the freighthouse, we’ve been collecting the most outrageous reasons why you need to move away from your screen (whether it’s a computer or mobile device) and get out and enjoy the city.

Dog Ate Your Leftovers

When your dog sprints towards the table, it’s a crap shoot as to whether your food will remain. If your dog ate your leftovers– it’s time to dine-out. At the KC Freighthouse Location, you can enjoy a tasty meal at any of our partnering restaurants and you’ll always leave happy.

Animals Are Coming!

Besides the family pet dog concern, you have to consider other potential threats– after all, it is mating season!

Tis the season where the animals are coming out of hibernation and might have you running for cover. Personally, I love being among Mother Nature, but I have heard an interesting story recently while at the Freighthouse…

The gentleman is the owner of a local pest control company in Kansas City, and he had some interesting stories to tell– woodpeckers are attacking homes in certain parts of our City!

When other animals– whether it be woodpeckers, honeybees, or The Birds come for you, you can always get out and enjoy safer areas in the City. In fact– hey, we had to– you could even come down to the Freighthouse. You’re always welcome here!

Overcoming Cabin Fever

Let’s face it– this Winter was wild. It seemed like every weekend we were expecting snow or ice. When it wasn’t below 0 in temperature, it was still very cold. In fact, it was too cold to do anything besides stay inside. Now, you can break away from the first part of the cold year, and venture outside in KC!

There are a lot of events happening in Kansas City all the time, and of course you know you can always come over, if you want! Seriously though, the Kansas City Area is a wonderful place to be in the Springtime. We look forward to seeing you out-and-about in the City!