Proper restaurant etiquette refers to the ability to show good manners or following the outlined code of rules in a restaurant. The fact that you have reserved a space in a restaurant does not guarantee misconduct while within its premises. Everyone in the restaurant should avoid any action which can annoy others. Proper restaurant etiquette should be adhered to by both the customers and the stakeholders in order to maintain and uphold the standards of the restaurant. These guidelines will help one understand what Proper restaurant etiquette is and is not.

Be Organized

All people are requested to settle and be organized so that Proper restaurant etiquette naturally exposes itself. There should not a lot of struggle to ensure that you have shown the best behavior ever, just be calm and organized. This applies to the owners of the restaurant, the workers, and the customers. The waiters need to be well organized because they directly interact with the customers. The whole serving process should be keenly observed to ensure that no problem occurs. For example, when dining at a posh rooftop restaurant Kansas City it would be impolite to start raising your hand and waving at the waiter. Give the waiter time to get your party settled and they’ll come over to you to ask for your drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert. Getting them out of their normal rhythm may result in them serving wrong food or drink to a customer, not arranging the utensils properly in the serving dish, or even not serving enough utensils to others. The customers need to take care of their behavior in the whole dining process so as to avoid annoying others.

Do Your Part

Everyone in the restaurant has a specific reason for being there. Doing your part only and leaving the rest for others shows Proper restaurant etiquette. The customers have a right to make requests to the waiters, just not getting whatever they need by themselves. For instance, if you’re dining at an upscale brazilian restaurant Kansas City and you need your drink refilled, it is highly encouraged to make the request via the waiter and not going to the counter yourself. The waiters need to do their work as required to ensure that the services are appealing to the customers. The waiters should also observe their dress code to ensure that they are easily identified.

Learn to Communicate

Proper communication is very crucial in any business setup which aims at achieving high levels of restaurant etiquette. Everyone should be in a position to learn the restaurant language to ensure effective communication. This helps to curb the problem of language barrier within the restaurant. If you happen to dine at our recommended greek restaurant Kansas City use etiquette words such as sorry or please when inquiring for clarification or when making an order. Poor communication between the customers and the restaurant workers leads to low levels of etiquette which chases some customers away. Again, there should be a chance for communication which should be properly followed to avoid conflicts.


To summarize, proper restaurant etiquette is the breadwinner of the restaurant business sector. All the stakeholders of the restaurant should be devoted to maintaining high standards of etiquette to ensure that others live in harmony. The managers should ensure that everyone who enters the restaurant practices high levels of etiquette to acquire more loyal customers. If a problem occurs which kills the restaurant etiquette, the manager should come up with a way of correcting it before things turn too bad and can’t be reversed.

Do you have other suggestions for proper etiquette? Please tell us about it and enjoy your next restaurant dining experience.